Godot Communications is a full-service hybrid agency based in Boulder, CO, specializing in both internal and external advertising.


We provide services to increase awareness and sales, including brand design and execution, social media, traditional and online production services, public and media relations, content marketing, corporate communications and training, and, by definition, the art of creative advertising.


We pride ourselves on being smart, holistic, client-serving, and creative. We believe that the key to a successful campaign lies in agility, research, empathy, and ruthless execution.

We understand that traditional advertising is not the only way to put an idea into somebody's head, and we encourage our clients to explore non-traditional mediums in addition to proven print and video communication and collateral.

One part design firm, one part strategic consultancy, one part marketing engine, one part technologist, and one part sales agent, we partner with our clients, shoulder-to-shoulder, to make sure that they have every chance of succeeding. While we are happy to serve as production partners, our most successful relationships begin at a deeper strategic level.



The death of advertising has been greatly exaggerated. The industry has been forced to evolve, however, past the earlier traditions of print and broadcast. We now have a landscape dominated by technology, interactivity, social media, public relations, and genuine discussion.


Traditional advertising is far from obsolete. We now, simply, have more arrows in our quiver. And the most effective campaigns use every tool that the modern agency has at its disposal, while honoring the psychological foundations of art, copy, and interaction to plant an idea about your product in your customer’s head.




Design is a process. More than aesthetics, it is the methodical breakdown of a problem into a solution, a challenge into a differentiator. What people often think of as design is actually the end product of that process. Visually, information becomes more compelling, easier to digest. Systemically, processes become more efficient, enjoyable, and quickly embraced. Experientially, a product’s interface becomes intuitive, intriguing, and personal.




Often overlooked or marginalized, training should be integrated as a critical element in the growth and efficacy of an organization. When crafted well, training —be it electronic, blended, classroom, or virtual — provides a tremendous vehicle to reinforce positive change, encourage employee engagement, increase recruitment and retention, and, ultimately, propel your company towards greater innovation and a better product. And, by tying that training directly to the needs of your organization, the results become measurable and impactful.




You’ve done your research. You’ve crafted and vetted and iterated and tested your message and strategy. Now it’s time to see it come to life. Sometimes you simply need a production partner — film, audio, art, code, or execution.


Many of our most effective and rewarding projects have been under the umbrella of a greater initiative, and we are happy to play our part.



Using the same principles as traditional advertising, an effective internal campaign honors your employees and stakeholders as customers, recognizing that their growth and engagement is as critical to the success of your organization as your product is.


Internal advertising is a vital part of change management, ensuring that strategies and initiatives are successfully executed. Your organization reaches a desired future state more efficiently and with less resistance.




An organization’s brand is more than a logo and a tagline. It’s the way that it interacts, every day, with customers, stakeholders, and employees. While a compelling, defined logo and tagline are certainly a critical part of a brand, the mark of a truly substantive brand is in the nuances of its day-to-day internal and external messaging and the promises that it makes, and keeps, to those who are part of it’s ecosystem.




An integrated public relations campaign is critical to a campaign’s success. In maintaining significant, in-house public relation capabilities we are able to not only tell your story, but help other’s tell it as well.


We help you do something newsworthy — events, community initiatives, raw innovation. Then we make sure the right people are listening.




The more prolific social media becomes, the more challenging it becomes to use it effectively to drive your customer relationships. A single mistake is broadcast to thousands while business as normal is rarely mentioned. It doesn’t work miracles, yet it remains the single most cost-effective manner to build customer relationships.


Rather than thinking of social as a separate offering, we integrate social media in every external and internal advertising campaign.




The future of advertising is in your pocket and on your screen. We maintain an in-house robust team of interactive developers to execute on websites, apps, and complex, online tools.



Our dozen-deep organization has been part of more than 30 client engagements in the last decade. From large, multi-national communication initiatives to small, hyper-local restaurant openings, the only thing these campaigns have in common is that each required a unique solution.


These are a handful of case studies that excite us. If you would like to see more, please reach out, and we would love to talk to you more about our capabilities and how we might work together.


Please note that many of these examples are video-based, as they are easier to present online. As above, if you would like for us to walk you through the written and strategy components, as well as the interactive, please reach out!

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